Boiled Bacon & Cabbage Video for St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day Irish Bacon and Cabbage
Traditional Boiled Bacon and Cabbage with Parsley Sauce


Boiled Bacon and Cabbage Recipe Video direct from our Cooking School in Dublin Ireland is now Live on Youtube!

Our Cooking School in Dublin Ireland, located in Dublin City’s Uber trendy creative quarter teaches everyone from amateur cooking enthusiasts to Chefs to learn how to cook.  A highlight of our summer season is when we welcome American Tour Groups who are vacationing in Ireland for an evening of craic where they learn how to make traditional Irish fare.  Often these tour group guests have just driven through some beautiful landscapes around Ireland and met local Irish people in small towns and perhaps even tasted a pint of Guinness.  When they enter the cooking school they are delighted to receive such a warm welcome from our Chefs who enjoy sharing their passion for simple Irish home cooking.  Of course there is lots of fun and after some hands on cooking everyone gets to sit down and enjoy a typical ‘Sunday Lunch’ style meal.  They will enjoy homemade Irish Brown Bread, Irish Smoked Salmon, Honey and Clove Glazed Bacon and Cabbage with Parsley Sauce and an Irish Apple Cake with lashings of whipped cream and brown bread Ice Cream.  But they all say the highlight is when they have a go at making their very own Irish Coffee.  A shot of whiskey and sugar dissolved in hot coffee and the final test of getting a layer of lightly whipped cream to sit on the top – the magic effect!

We look forward to our first group of American visitors arriving next week just after the St Patrick’s Day Festival.

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