Greetings from our Cert in Professional Cookery: Week 6

This week saw our Certificate in Professional Cookery students embrace the versatile – but technical – worlds of Slow Cooking, Terrines, Smoking & Curing, Sausage Making, Chutneys, and Japanese & Vietnamese Foods.

On Monday, Eoin taught our students all about Slow Cooking. The primary objective with slow cooking is creating flavours and textures which you can only achieve through the use of time and technique. Meat is marinaded overnight before being cooked on the day. The cooking process tenderises the meat, making the meat fall effortlessly off the bone. One of the key elements to creating tender meat that has that deep, intoxicating flavour we associate with slow food, is the herbs and spices which are used…



Not to mention the array of deliciously seasonal vegetables…

All coming together to create some quite irresistible dishes that will make your mouth water and fill your belly in preparation for the wintry outdoors…


Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Fennel


Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs


Slow Cooked Fiery Lamb Shanks

On Tuesday, we turned away from traditional cooking methods, and instead to the world of terrines and parfaits. Involved in terrine-making is setting the terrine correctly and using different types of setting agents.

We started with a┬áPork Terrine and Wild Mushroom and Chicken Leg…

And finished up with Smoked Salmon, Crab, and Avocado…


The students created some beautiful versions of the terrines themselves…

And in the afternoon Eoin made a Passionfruit Bavoir with the students:


On Wednesday, we turned to Smoking and Curing, with Chef Jack. Jack takes this subject matter very seriously – and the students could see by the pages of technical notes he had prepared:



After going through the theoretical elements of smoking and curing food, the students went up onto the rooftop terrace, where the fun began…


The quails were ready, salmon marinaded and seasoned, and the BBQs were smoking…

And our butter went on…

We used hay to smoke the quails:

There was salmon smoking


And Corleggy Cheese


And in the afternoon, they even found time to make chorizo


On Thursday, expert sausage maker Jane Russell was here to teach the cert students – and a few old familiar faces – the art of sausage making. It was a lot of fun – and fabulous to see how artisan sausages are made:


In the afternoon Eoin turned their attention to chutney.

On Friday, our students learned all about the world of Japanese and Vietnamese cooking, making Miso Salmon, Beef with Wasabi Mash, Kimchi, and Mirin, and Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls.




Chef Jack even found time to turf smoked some cauliflower

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