The Ultimate Cafe Course Runs Again

Our Essential Cafe Cookery Course ran again this week and was an enormous success. We had a really great group of students who made our job such a pleasure. This course is designed to help our students with the confidence and expertise required to cook contemporary, casual yet incredibly tasty café and bistro food. We were delighted to see Iwona and Ana, best friends, who have a cafe in Galway and came together to do the course. Each day, we enjoyed seeing their social media posts of the day’s activities…


We made Cooks Academy Fruit Crumbles


And Pasta with a Slow Cooked Sausage Saucepasta-with-slow-cooked-sausage-sauce-1


And even Baked Hake


The week is focused on getting to grips with the latest food trends and consumer tastes. Skills such as plating and food styling are combined with contemporary approaches to cooking with fresh, local ingredients. But the best part of the Essential Cafe Cookery Course is its focus on time and money saving while making really great food which is a skill that is never wasted. It can transform your life no matter your vocation.

Cooks Academy is always a hive of activity. Our Essential Cafe students were working in the kitchen adjacent to our Cert students and this proved to be an exciting combination. Each group drew inspiration from seeing what the other was up to!



What makes us feel really proud of our school is when we receive such fantastic feedback as we did from Iwona and Ana, who are going back to put their new skills into practice in their own cafe:

“Cooks Academy is the best place to learn new skills and delicious recipes. I really enjoy all week attending Essential Cafe Cooking Course. I met lovely people who cook and teach with passion. Cooks Academy thank you for an amazing week.”

Iwona Pięciak – February 2017

“I just had an amazing week in Cooks Academy! It was such a great experience, I’ve learned so many new things and new recipes, the trainers are the best, really nice,friendly and very professional! I hope I will come back one day! Best of luck to all Cooks Academy team, you are the best!”

Ana Maria – February 2017


We hope to see them again soon!

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