Student Story – Mark Taylor

It’s not every day that a student is so remarkable that they end up teaching at our school! But our very own Mark Taylor did, in fact, begin by studying here with us. We noticed Mark immediately as the one stand-out student who wasn’t afraid to try anything. He took to sourdough, especially, as though he had made it all his life. We couldn’t imagine our sourdough classes without him at the helm now.


Mark Taylor in the midst of teaching our current 8 Week Cert students.

Cooks Academy Director Vanessa Greenwood recalls Mark’s time with us:

“Mark showed great enthusiasm for all aspects of our culinary programme, but I first sat up and took notice at the end of a Celebration Cakes masterclass he attended as our student.  When I remarked on the finesse exhibited in his excellent sugarcraft and piping work and asked him where he had learnt cake icing before… he said ‘Never!’.  After that I expected Mark to pursue his talent with cakes but once again his inner baking prowess shone through with sourdough bread making.  This is what our culinary programmes are all about, we guide students through lots of diverse culinary techniques and unleash their talents  – we’re proud to witness  so many lightbulb moments experienced by our students…. true talent is hard to suppress.”


Mark’s beautiful Celebration Cake.

“My overall experience of Cooks Academy was like being on a holiday – an educational holiday. It’s an experience in itself to be getting out of bed every day and going to a cookery school right in the heart of the city centre! You don’t get an excuse like that every day – to come into town and do something so fun. I loved so many aspects of the course but I really got a flavour of the sourdough and wanted to learn more. I am delighted to be working here now and doing something I love… in a place where I began my own training.”

Here we see Mark teaching (left) sourdough & with his fellow Cert students (right)

As Mark is so focused on his bread making, he rarely has time for social media but if you would like to find out more, why not come along to our next Super Sourdough Workshop?

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