Week 4: Certificate in Practical Cookery

Today marked the end of Week 4 of our Certificate in Practical Cookery. We will be sad to see some of our students depart but happy that many of them will remain on with us to embark upon the 8 Week Certificate in Professional Cookery.

This last week has seen our students come on in leaps and bounds in terms of their confidence, their technical ability, and above all their presentation. As we all know, we eat with our eyes, and these students have certainly been making our mouths water this week.

The week began with lamb. Our chef taught them how to French trim a rack of lamb and bone and roll a leg of lamb.


They were then shown how to make and make a herb crust for it.


These would be served with braised leeks and crispy polenta chips.

We really felt that our students had come into their own with this dish and below is a small sample of the wonderful styling they employed for their dishes…

They finished off their day by making cupcakes… There is nothing quite as much fun as learning how to make cupcakes – and it was a great way to relax after the pressure of the technicality of the morning’s lesson.

They made icing flavours of lemon, praline, orange, and caramel.

On Tuesday, we turned to the juiciness of pork, in all its glory. To begin the day, our chef showed the students how to cook tenderloin of pork stuffed with poached pears and spinach and served with hasselback potatoes.

The students quickly¬†got to work as our chef circulated and gave advice…

Below is our chefs’ version of the dish…


However, we felt that the students really excelled at their food styling, and below are just a sample of the fantastic dishes which were made:

The afternoon turned to the irresistable pulled pork. Our students got stuck right in as our chef showed them how to make the BBQ sauce and work the pork into those succulent pieces that we know too well on sandwiches and burgers.

In the afternoon, all attention turned away from the savoury, to Carrot Cake Cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting!


On Wednesday, it was Advanced Meat & Fish, and our kitchens smelled of the sea all day long. We made Scallops and Bacon…


Ceviche with Burnt Nori:


Nicoise Salad:

And Healthy Beef Carpaccio:


And not to mention the Whole Poached Salmon!

Our chef gave the students a tip on how to serve it, with fresh mayonnaise…


Before he made Apple Tarte Tatins with them…

On Thursday, the students made Quick Midweek Suppers, with a bit of Mexican…


And a Goat’s Cheese and Lentil Salad:


In the afternoon, it turned to the much loved creme brulee. No one can resist the temptation of a blow torch!


Friday is the final day of our 4 Week Certificate in Practical Cookery. They got into the groove with coffee and freshly made scones first…


…Before embarking upon their exams. Two tests were to identify these two trays…can you tell us what they are?!



The afternoon was filled with fun, as the chefs brought them upstairs to our rooftop terrace to BBQ with our Weber Grills! This is always a great way to finish off the 4 weeks and it is certainly rewarding when they get to feast on the deliciously smokey dishes which are cooked. Here are some of today’s highlights:

CERT Grill Day (24).JPG

They finished off with a giant feast downstairs…

And rounded off with the presentation of their well-earned certificates and a glass of Prosecco! We would like to extend our congratulations to all of the students who passed with flying colours! We wish them every success in the future and look forward to those of whom will be staying for the 8 Week Certificate in Professional Cookery.


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