Our Cert in Practical Cookery: Week 3

It’s Week 3 on our 4 week Certificate in Practical Cookery and our students have really been coming into their own, both in terms of their cooking, their technique, but also their food styling – we do eat with our eyes after all! They have been learning the ins and outs of different types of meats and cuisines and the techniques associated with them.

For instance, on Monday the students learned how to make Indian food, creating such wonderful aromas in the school. One of the big concerns when it comes to Indian food is the fragrance and use of spices. Our chefs worked tirelessly to demonstrate and explain how to create the perfect Indian dish, full of flavour and aroma. Dishes included Tikka Masala, Cucumber & Mint Raita, Lamb Koftas, to name but a few… Have a look at how they turned out:

On Tuesday we turned to seabass. Always popular for anyone who likes seafood, preparing and cooking seabass is not as easy as it looks, but with our expert chefs the students got stuck in and learned so much. To cook a seabass from whole, you must scale, bone, and fillet it. Then comes the cooking – which in itself can be tricky. One of our favourite dishes here at the school is a pan-fried seabass, and achieving the crispy skin while retaining the soft juiciness of the flesh is really satisfying.


After lunch they got stuck into desserts and made a Lemon Meringue Pie. A key technique involved in this dish is getting a nice, short pastry, which involves delicately (and as little as possible) handling it to retain a crispy texture. It is then rolled out and ‘baked blind’ with baking beans on top in a hot oven to avoid any ‘soggy bottoms’. The students then make a lemon curd of sugar, eggs, lemon, and butter. And last, but certainly not least, they embark upon the daunting task of making – and piping – the perfect meringue.

Wednesday featured more seafood – Seafood Chowder, Mussels Meuniere, Fish Pie, and a dessert of Tirimasu. It all began with the chowder, where our chef first demonstrated how to prepare the seafood. The aromatic mussels and hake were fresh from the sea and smelled incredible.

Then then created a deliciously quick, easy, but oh so tasty dish of Mussels Meuniere that they ate on the spot.

The last seafood dish of the day was beautifully fluffy piped mashed potatoes to create a topping for their Fish Pie.

In the afternoon, the students turned to desserts. This time it was Tiramisu. We think you will like the twist we made on it – Cappuchino Tiramisu!


On Thursday we turned to beef, where our chef demonstrated how to dissect a rib roast. This day was all about the technical, as they made a Roast rib of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Bearnaise Sauce, and Pear and Almond Pithivier.

Our chef started off by demonstrating how to handle the meat, dissecting it on the demo stage, and teaching the students all the tricks and techniques of butchery.

beef-day-14 rib-roast-1

After separating the meat into pieces, the students got cooking, and there is nothing more tempting than the sound of beef steaks hissing on the pan.


Then began the discussion as to how good the beef really was!

For the afternoon, it was all about Pithivier, a positively delicious dessert made with puff pastry, a rather decorative spiral design, and a pear and almond filling. It really brought out their creative side!

And today, JP McMahon topped off the week with a Cookery Masterclass, which was such an exciting way to finish off the week.


There was a lot of hustle and bustle – and some fantastic dishes were made…

If you are interested in learning how to cook professionally, talk to us about studying here at Cooks Academy. We run a 4 week Certificate in Practical Cookery which can then follow on into an 8 week Certificate in Professional Cookery. Our courses are taught by expert chefs using the finest, freshest local ingredients, and it is all done right in the heart of Dublin city centre: South William Street’s Creative Quarter. It is also only 20 minutes’ away from breathtaking walks and beaches. Dublin city and its vicinity features fantastic food markets where you can gain inspiration for your next culinary experiment – and there are a myriad of cafes and restaurants that you can visit to relax and unwind.

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