Our Cert Course Two Weeks In

It hardly seems possible, but yes, we are halfway through our Certificate in Practical Cookery. We have had such a great time with the students, who have all been showing such promise. And we can’t wait to keep many of them with us afterwards as we embark upon the Certificate in Professional Cookery (8 Weeks).

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of their time so far…

They¬†have had magnificent sweet and savoury breads…

And¬†learning about the fundamentals of butchery…


They have learned how to cook Italian-style, making fresh homemade pasta from scratch, creating ravioli and tagliatelle.

Then they moved to Asian cuisine to make sushi


They made vegan chocolate raspberry tortes


And cheesecake!


They even learned about the fascinating world of food and wine matching…


The students have learned so much – and it has only been two weeks! However, they have still found time to have some much needed R n R. One of our students went out to this beautiful location only 20 minutes from the school on Killiney Hill…


For more details on our Certificate Courses, please see the link to our Certificate in Practical Cookery.

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