Creative Celebration Cakes

A Celebration Cakes class not to be missed!

Saturday at Cooks Academy is always a hive of great culinary activity, as food enthusiasts join us to learn all about a particular area of food, and this Saturday was no different as Darina Kelly taught our students all about Celebration Cakes.

Darina worked with her enthusiastic students, as they learned how to decorate their madeira cakes like pros. The process takes a long time as they fill and ice the outside of their cakes with buttercream.


Then, they make the sugar paste, and meticulously smooth it out with special tools to ensure there are no lumps or bumps.

After this, the real fun begins! The making of the decorations themselves. The theme today was an animal, using the sugar paste to make ears, and from there they could elaborate as they wished. We just loved seeing the results!

Darina even made a Chocolate Biscuit Drip Cake to show them and raffled it off to the lucky winner.



Everyone went home feeling so happy – we can’t wait to have another class to see what people make!

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