The Cooks Academy Cert Begins Again!

Our 4 Week Certificate in Practical Cookery starts today!

We are very excited to see a new batch of foodies in to the school this morning. They are embarking upon four weeks of culinary training with the Cooks Academy chefs, Jack O’Keeffe, Eoin Garry, and Darina Kelly.

We have had some incredibly talented chefs with us in the past, who have gone on to work as chefs in such prominent restaurants as  Bastible, Chapter One, and Forest and Marcy. You can read about the experiences of one of our youngest 4 Week Cert Course students, – Rachel Hornibrook – here. Rachel was just 16 when she completed the course and has gone on to have her very own Little Muffin Blog.

Today, Jack is teaching the students all about the fundamentals of cooking, mise en place knife skills, and food health and safety. However they will also be making some deliciously sweet and tasty eclairs to eat after their carrot soup. Yum!


In the coming days and weeks the students will be learning about everything from butchery to bread, wine and food matching to international cooking (sushi, Indian, Thai, Italian, etc), sauces, pastry, and everything in between.

Stay tuned to our blog over the coming weeks for more details about how they progress. If you would like to learn more about the course, please see this link for more information.

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