Easy Peasy Christmas Desserts

The Christmas season is in full swing now – and with that comes the daunting task of cooking Christmas dinner for the entire family. And when it comes to Christmas dinner, let’s face it, the focus is usually all on the main dish and not really on what comes afterwards. Succulent turkey with crispy skin, honey-glazed ham, scrumptuous stuffing… We are dreaming about it for weeks before we even open a present.

Yet there is nothing quite like a bit of sweet after all of that savoury. It is usually that last dessert we eat before the January health kick sets in. So why not make it – not just delicious – but stress-free as well?

Here at Cooks Academy we have the perfect solution. With recipes from our very own Christmas gallery, you can make tasty treats to round off the meal, which you can prepare ahead of time. It will give your dinner table that va-va-voom to finish off the day in style.


Chocolate Profiteroles


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