Student Stories #2 – Catching up with Sarah Cahill

We were delighted to catch up with another of our 8 Week Certificate students lately, Sarah Cahill, who has recently started up her very own business –

Eat Like Apes! 

We remember Sarah very well, mainly because she was so passionate about Paleo food.  We were all so impressed by her determination to follow a Paleo regime, where possible, while still mastering all the culinary techniques on the course.  Her lovely, cheerful presence meant that soon we were all exploring the fascinating topic of Paleo living, and indeed many of us joined in and ‘had a go’.  Some of us were more successful than others – but we still enjoyed discussing Paleo food on a daily basis, which contributed to a better understanding of the commitment and passion that someone like Sarah possesses.  We’ll never forget Sarah on her exam day when she made the most perfect pink macaroons – they really were a Show Stopper! What an achievement on such a pressure laden day.

We wish Sarah all the very best and look forward to sampling her delicious Paleo-inspired delights soon!


“Around 2015 my husband and I realised that we needed to make changes to our eating habits and move away from processed and refined foods. I was still carrying baby weight and felt sluggish and unhealthy.  Moreover, I wanted healthy alternative snacks for our daughters so we could all move away from the ‘rubbish food’.

This change of mentality introduced us to the Primal lifestyle, which is basically the original and unprocessed way of eating & living. So with this concept in mind it was back to our ape ancestors for simple, healthy food, the connection of which later gave birth to the company name ‘Eat Like Apes’( Plus we fondly call our daughters our ‘little apes’!!).

So, after much research, I decided to undertake a professional cookery course at Cooks Academy. The moment I started my course I knew I had made the right decision. Our class tutor and head chef Nicola Curran was so at ease with us but was 100% professional. There were no questions unanswered, I was never left wondering how certain techniques were achieved. I still miss my days in the kitchens there – where you were always encouraged to try new things and experiment.

“Amazing day cheese making with Silke Croppe and oyster chucking and tasting day – still not a fan!”

Leaving Cooks Academy with all of the knowledge I had accumulated, and with the encouragement of my family, I felt confident enough to develop my own ‘snack’ recipes using Primal ingredients and as a result, the company, Eat Like Apes was born.

Today I offer an alternative option to the sugar-laden snacks that are on our supermarket shelves – alternatives so that customers can make the healthier choice for themselves and for their families.

I was lucky enough to be able to launch in several Supervalu stores in Kildare at the start of September with two products. The first are high-protein bites, perfect for on-the-go! The second is our twist on granola, named ‘Snackola’, and what we have done is taken out the grains, oils, and added sugars normally associated with granola to make this a tasty & healthy snack.

It is my aim to take the growing ‘free from’ healthy food industry and create a Primal community, helping people of all walks to benefit from a healthier lifestyle by providing clean, unprocessed snacks and treats. I aim to educate as many people as I can along the way so that we, as a country, can understand nutrition better. As my company grows, I hope to introduce new and innovative products to my line. They will be available in as many stores as possible as well as online.”


     “Last day. All exhausted after finishing an amazing 8 weeks with a lovely glass of bubbly and in great company!”




Instagram: eat_like_apes

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