A Typical Saturday at Cooks Academy

We had a great day last Saturday here at Cooks Academy! It began with some torrential rain – and our chefs were a bit worried that the Winter Warmer Workshop up on the rooftop terrace would be a bit of a damp affair – but the weather picked up and by 12pm it was bright and sunny and the group were excited to bring their ingredients upstairs to barbecue into roasted delights.



There was roasted duck on a spit, Yorkshire puddings, roast loin of beef, and even hot Sticky Toffee Pudding – yummy!

Meanwhile, downstairs, our Super Sourdough expert Mark Taylor was working tirelessly with our group of sourdough enthusiasts to make some tasty loaves and other treats. They really got into the swing of working with the dough and we felt like we were on Bread Week at the Great Irish Bakeoff with all the wonderful creations coming out!

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