A Typical Day – Celebration Cakes

A sneak peak of our Celebration Cakes Workshop

Here’s a little sneak peak into our Celebration Cakes Workshops here in the School.  We all love sugarcraft and making cakes and cupcakes into showstoppers!

During a Celebration Cakes Workshop students are welcomed with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a sweet treat as they arrive for the class.  It’s a nice ice breaker so the group can meet and chat.  At 10am our sugarcraft instructor introduces the Cooks Academy team and displays a finished cake showing all the techniques that will be covered during the workshop.   Her knowledge, experience and passion on how to create cakes and make them extraordinary is infectious.  Once the students see what they ‘might actually’ achieve in just 1 day, the excitement in the air is palpable.


For those that often find themselves standing in front of all the cake decorating equipment in baking sections of shops (dreamers, like us!!) we have lots of tools and tricks up our sleeve that we share during the hands on workshop throughout the day, showing you exactly what is essential to get you started.  You’ll only need to invest in 2-3 important tools to get your cake decorating genie to awaken within you.

Step-by-step our bakers, whisk their buttercream icing and gently wield their palette knives to carefully spread buttercream onto the surface of their cakes ensuring they get a smooth finish.  It’s one of those satisfying jobs that everyone takes great care over as it creates a smooth finish in preparation for rolling out the fondant icing on top.



Students creating celebration cakes

Once each student has finished covering and smoothing their cake, we spend the afternoon making roses by hand, using sugarcraft cutters to create leaves and flowers from petal paste.  A few cute figurines make everyone smile (..Olaf is a hit with the ladies).  Of course everyone wants to write a message on their cake, so we demonstrate how to pipe and write a personalised message on top.


For us, it’s such a pleasure to share these skills and to be part of our students’ future celebrations and special occasions.  Hallowe’en, Christmas, Easter, Weddings….. there’s no stopping them now.

Could you be the next “Cake Queen”? For those interested in taking part in our wonderful Celebration Cake course, you can look at our latest listings here. We hope to see you soon.

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