Ready, Set, Chop! Back to School!

Our 4 Week Certificate Course has started!

An excited and anxious batch of home cooks and experienced cooks are getting settled into what will be their classroom for the next four weeks: Cooks Academy!

We’ve started the day going over the neccessary safety procedures and giving a tour of the layout of the school. But we’re also getting stuck into the cooking!


But first, the students have to learn some knife skills. Chef Jack is leading the day, giving demonstration how to properly slice and dice. It’s so important to have sharp knives-one of the most dangerous items in a kitchen is a dull knife. I can tell you a situation of using a dull knife myself, and I have some pretty gnarly scars on my fingers to tell the story, but don’t want to gross you out!

What will the students be learning on their first day here? Soup, bread, and scones! Don’t you agree one of the most comforting smells is bread(and scones) baking in the oven?

I’ll be sharing recipes from today later on Cooks Blog. I’ll also be sharing stories, quotes, tips and kitchen hacks, and even more recipes throughout the 4 Week Certficate Course. So keep tuning in!

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