Inside Our Gluten Free Workshop

Last Saturday we had our Gluten free Workshop.

The wonderful Chef Rozanne Stevens lead the day-so did our great Cormac, leading a hen.

We learned delicious Brownies, Bread, Pizza, Polenta Cake, Lasagna, and, hearty Salads, and Blueberry Lemon Muffins.

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DSC_0482.JPGGuests got to take the Blueberry Lemon Muffins home, which smelled divine coming out of the oven!

At the same time our Gluten Free Workshop was happening, we had a Hen Party here learning Gluten Free recipes too! A cookery class is such a fun idea for an outing for a hen party. It was all go for Gluten!

Even with my background and working in kitchens, gluten free is a type of cooking that intrigues me. It can also be a bit intimidating! And to a lot of people too! Gluten Free also gets a bad rap for being dry, our recipes are anything but dry! Those Brownies were so dreamy.

Our tutors Cormac and Rozanne demysitifed what could easily be a bit of a daunting matter. If you’re interested in learning flavorful altrenaties, definitely check out our next Gluten Free Workshop!


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