8 Week’s Later: A Student’s Reflection

Another Certificate Course has finished up. I asked David Ring, one of our Cert Students for a brief reflection.

Why 8 Weeks of Cookery School?

Being redundant makes one sit back and think on life. One area I love is food. But due to long work days and weeks, I have not been able to experience my passion for food as much as I would have liked.

Eight weeks of 9-5 cooking, experimenting, and interacting with classmates and tutors have given me my passion back. A complete luxury to be immersed into a food world in the center of buzzing Dublin City. With a great team added to by guest chefs each day, I was guaranteed to learn new techniques.

I leave with a new energy for food; and a yearn for creating and continued learning to feed my food passion.


Congratulations David and classmates! And best of luck with your next chapter. Be sure to call to us, and keep us posted on your journeys.

Master techniques and recipes, and build up your kitchen confidence, and book your spot on our 4 or 8 Week Certificate Courses! Our next 4 Week Certificate Course starts Monday June 27!

Throughout the Course, Cert Students learn techniques and knife skills
A final dish by one of our Cert Students-he beautifully presented wrapped rabbit on a bed of nettle risotto

















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