A Fusion of Flavours on our Mexican Dinner Party Course

A fusion of mesoamerican cooking with European, Mexican cuisine is often underrated!

Though the ingredients may seem simple at times, Mexican food can be just as complex as any other cuisine.

Using ingredients that are native to the country (as well as food that was brought over from the Spanish conquistadors), the basis of diet is still focussed on corn and beans.

Our Mexican Dinner Party is a sociable affair, where students are invited to cook food that would easily slip into a meal when entertaining guests.

Having spent time in Mexico himself, Chef Damien has quite a love for this cuisine.

Patiently taking them through the basics, he made sure the students had plenty of time to get to grips with their knives and ingredients before they began.

Mashing guacamole


Take a look at this sofrito! Prepared by Chef Damien, a sofrito is a sauce that’s used as a base in Latin American cooking. They typically feature fresh ingredients like garlic, onion, peppers and paprika that are diced small (similar to a salsa!)



We’re absolute divils for guacamole, and whenever we see a bowl, in go the tortilla chips. Here’s one that was rustled up by Commis Chef, Kevin.


Traditionally, quesadillas consist of a flat corn tortilla that’s filled with Oaxaca cheese and cooked until the cheese has melted then served with salsa, onion and guacamole. Here Chef Damien filled his with chicken and shrimp – delicious.

It’s safe to say that our students went away full to the brim with Mexican food. We hope to see them again very soon.

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