Our Amazing Salads Course: Fresh, Flavoursome and Far From Boring!

We know what you’re thinking – why would I ever need to book myself into a salad course? Sure, isn’t that simple?? Well, yes, if you know what you’re doing!

Too many times have we seen the same, boring, green leaf salad appear on menus again and again, so that’s why we have our Amazing Salad course.

Our course aims to teach you how to make the average salad quite special, with food combinations that you may not have even thought to think about.

Damien chopping beetroot
Damien chopping beetroot

It was Chef Damien, assisted by Commis Chefs Ronan and Lisa, who was at the helm for our course and he knows his flavour combos.

With a full house (and just one gentleman!), the students first got to work on a delightful beetroot and orange salad to kickstart their palates.

Cooked beetroot
Peeled and chopped beetroot!

Preparing salads 2

Beetroot Salad
Delightful Beetroot Salad with Oranges

Leftover chicken in the house? Fan of noodles? Combine them both for an amazing chicken noodle salad jam packed with flavours from Asia.

Chicken noodle ingredients

Chicken Noodle Salad
Doesn’t this salad look fantastic??
Chef Damien’s celeriac remoulade. Mmmmm.

To top things off, it was onto the watermelon salad (with a delightful twist that you’ll find out if you attend our course!).

Those who said that salads were just rabbit food definitely haven’t tried our recipes.

If this is something that entices you, check out our next Amazing Salad course on our website here.

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