Baking, Banter and Bouillabaisse on our Bistro Supper Club

With a distinctly French appeal, our Bistro Club aims to bring back the sociable side to cooking.

Our supper clubs are a great way to meet fellow foodies while cooking in a relaxed environment. There’s always a diverse group of people who attend and our students learn great recipes for entertaining!

Our students had a busy night ahead of them, and with a quick introduction to Chefs Damien, Jack and Cormac, they soon got cracking on their recipes: Caramelised Shallot Tarte Tatin, Crème Brulée and Bouillabaisse.

Working as a team, first up was the delicious tart, that required a bit of patience but had a lot of hearty flavours.

little tart
A mini tarte heating up!
Putting food into the oven
Into the oven they go!
Flipping out tart
Flipping out the tarte tatin!

tart 2 tart

Next up came the Bouillabaisse, a delicious and traditional Provençal fish stew, using fresh shellfish!

Separating prawns


For those who were unable to have seafood, Chef Jack had another plan in store: pasta!

Student with Pasta

Pasta drying

Sitting down to enjoy their meal, Chef Jack kept a close eye on the creme brûlée and when they were ready, he whipped out a blowtorch to carmelise the top of the dessert.

Serving wine
Cormac serving wine to our students


Creme brulee 2

A perfect end to an evening, no?

What a meal! If our Bistro Club is something that entices you, check out the next Bistro dates on our website

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