Food Without Fuss: Welcome to our Italian Dinner Party

Wholesome, hearty and oozing with flavour: just three simple ways to describe Italian food.

One of those cuisines that’s noted for its regional diversity, what may be known as a traditional risotto to some in the south may be completely different to those in the north!

Charaterized by its simplicity in ingredients, the Italians rely on the quality of their food without fuss.

Chef Jack, whose earliest food memory as a young child is throwing spaghetti around, has a real love for Italian food, and taking the reins he started off with a demo on lamb and broad bean spezzatino.

Making Pappardelle
Making pappardelle to go with the lamb

With fellow Italian-enthusiasts in front of him, it was clear to see that they were ready to jump to their stations and soon enough, they marched off and got cooking.

Parpadelle drying
Pappardelle drying next to the ovens.
Cooking kale
Students preparing their Tuscan Kale Salad.

Tasting and eating as they went, the students soon found themselves surrounded by food; from Tuscan salads to mountains of lamb.

Tiramisu 2
Jack’s take on a tiramisu. Doesn’t it look luscious?


Lamb and Broad Bean Spezzatino with papardelle
Lamb and Broad Bean Spezzatino with pappardelle.

With satisfied tummies, and tupperware full of leftovers – we’re looking forward to seeing the students again at Cooks Academy!

Tempted for some Italian food? If this is something you’re interested in, check out next upcoming dates on our website here.

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