Sweet Tooths, Chocoholics and Fabulous Chocolate Desserts

As the chocolate oozed down onto the plate, you couldn’t help but gaze longingly at the dessert.

Indulgent, rich, chocolatey goodness – that’s exactly what our Fabulous Chocolate Dessert class is.

Chef Damien’s passion (among many other things), is pastry and desserts, and when he saw that he was to take on this course he was ecstatic.

Demo fab choc students

With an eager group of chocoholics in front him – as well as a massive slab of chocolate – he set off on the dessert trail, kicking things off with a sumptuous chocolate mousse, which needed to set in the fridge.

Chocolate caraque shavings

With the chocolate sitting in the fridge, he moved onto caramel croissant puddings, which came out of the oven with a gorgeous brown colour (and a definite whiff of bourbon!)

Croissant pudding 3
Caramel Croissant Pudding

But what of that oozing dessert you were speaking of earlier, I hear you ask. Well the chocolate fondant certainly made an appearance and as Damien sliced up the centre, the chocolate in the centre slipped out with the cream falling into it in a fantastic mix of chocolatey joy.

Chocolate fondant
Chocolate fondant

Remember the chocolate mousse? Whipping it out of the fridge, Damien rustled up a beautiful chocolate glaze that he spread generously over the top of the cake, and armed with melted white chocolate, he added a stunning design upon its top.

Chocolate mousse cake 2

But wait, there’s more! Moving onto another dessert, Chef Damien got to work on a gateau diane, a rather lush creation with meringue. The finished result?

Gateau diane
Gateau diane

To finish things off, Chef Damien got cracking on a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (much to our students’ delight!)

A chocolate feast? We think so. This really is the perfect course for chocolate lovers and dessert lovers too.

Did our chocolate desserts tempt you? Take a look at the upcoming dates for our next Fabulous Chocolate Desserts on our website here.

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