Vibrant Colours and Lashings of Flavour on our Vegetarian Workshop

Vegetarian food: so often misunderstood and dubbed as “rabbit food”, but how wrong people are.

With a full-house, the chefs welcomed our budding cooks into Cooks Academy for tea and coffee before the class began and much to our amusement, only two people out of 21 raised their hands when Chef Jack asked how many of them were vegetarians!

Jack walked the students through how to make three dishes, starting with a spicy tomato soup.

Adding plenty of chili and a toss of garam masala into the mix, the pot was soon bubbling away, with the sweet tomato smells rising above the pot.

Tomato soup 3

Onto the next dish and bruschetta was on the menu. Mixing up a bean paste, Jack set to work on toasting his bread so that it would deliciously crisp. Armed with pea shoots and a saffron aioli….the result?

Bruschetta with bean pate 4

It was then time for Jack’s showstopper: the risotto! With a lot of patience and plenty of cheese and seasoning, he took expert care with the rice.


Risotto 2
Chef Jack’s Risotto with pea shoots, saffron aioli and flavoured oil.

What has always astounded us here is Jack’s ability to plate up dishes, it feels like it all comes so naturally to him.

With a swish of his hand here and splash of oil there, his dishes all deserve to be showcased in a photo gallery.

The students soon settled into the kitchen, and with the support of Cormac and Johan, they were eased into unfamiliar surroundings.

Students chopping
Students working away at their spicy tomato soup!

Bruschetta, risotto and plenty of helpings, it was a great way to finish up before lunch!

With a bellyful of food, after lunch it was time for Jack to demo a few more dishes including a quick quinoa salad, fresh tabbouleh and a cheese and red onion frittata.

Tabbouleh 2
Tabbouleh with fresh herbs.
The frittata with St. Killian’s Cheese, quinoa, toasted seeds and red chard leaves.
Quinoa salad
The quick quinoa salad.

Phew! What a day.

If you’re tempted to head along to our Vegetarian workshop, check out the next upcoming courses on our website here.

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