Lots of Spice and Everything Nice: A Cooks Insight into our Curry Club

We’re big fans of big flavours here at Cooks Academy and when it comes to our curries, we love combining some of the best ingredients to get the most out of our meal.

If you’re a lover of fragrant, heartwarming food that’s jam-packed with flavour, then our Curry Club is the place to be.

Our clubs offer a casual and relaxing cooking experience that’s not only fun, but also very sociable. A night out with fellow foodies? Sounds good to me!

From Lamb Rogan Josh to Indian Tadka Dal, under Chef Jack’s guidance the students set off on their curry adventure!

Lamb in marinade
Our lamb had been in a marinade from early morning
Pounding spices 2
Wielding their rolling pins to grind down the spices
Mango chutney
Mango chutney on the go
Adding tomatoes to lamb curry
Giving the curry more flavour with extra tomato
Kneading flatbread
Rolling out chapati flatbread, this student definitely has made bread before!
Lamb rogan josh cooking
The lamb rogan josh on to stew for a while – beautiful scents from the spices floating upwards.
Lamb with dahl and flatbread
Lamb with dahl and flatbread!
Cormac serving up rice
Cormac serving up pilaff rice
Tucking into food
The big payoff! Students relaxing with their freshly cooked meal.

If you’re interested in joining our next Curry Club, check out the upcoming dates on our website here.

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