Capturing the Flavours of Italy on our Italian Workshop

Often when people think of Italian food they immediately imagine pizzas and lasagna, but it really is so much more than that.

On our Italian Workshop, we aim to really celebrate Italian cuisine while at the same time teach you key preparation techniques so that you’ll be confident in the kitchen.

Chef Damien was in bright and early to prepare for our workshop, and assisted by our Commis chef in training Ronan, he kicked off with bruschetta with three different toppings.

Preparing bruschetta

Our toppings today included black olive tapenade with tomatoes, parma ham and figs as well as mushroom with Parmesan cheese – sound lovely, don’t they?

Mushroom and parma ham and fig bruschetta 2

With a taste of Italy in their mouths, it was time to plough on with a delicious leek frittata with Cashel Blue (or goats and Parmesan for those who weren’t overly taken with blue cheese!)

Frittata with leek and blue cheese

You could actually hear the “oohs” in the kitchen when Chef Damien took out his frittata.

With the beautiful yellow of the eggs shining through and speckles of green, it looked magnificent.

To finish things off before lunch, Damien went through how to make gremolata pork with lemon spinach, and beating the tenderloin down to flatten it, you knew that the students would have great fun beating down theirs.

Beating the pork tenderloin

Much to our amusement, soon Cooks Academy sounded like a building site with students (armed with saucespans), clearly de-stressing with their pork!

The end result?

IMG_3714With bellies full of pork, the students took a breather before they got started on Italian puddings.

Italian Pudding 2
Italian Pudding ready to be eaten!
Chef Damien making risotto
Chef Damien moves onto making risotto
Gnocchi 2
Our final dish: delicious gnocchi with herbed oil
Pea and Mushroom Risotto

What a feast!

If you’re interested in learning about Italian food, join us on our next Italian Workshop or alternatively, we also run a fab Italian Dinner Party course too!

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