Unleashing the Flavours of Thailand at our Thai Club

We’ve had so many people come along to our evening clubs over the years and it’s always been a really fun (and alternative) night out.

Our Thai Clubs are incredibly popular and are great for those who want to spend an evening doing something different.

In fact, we actually had a family of six come back to Cooks Academy and take part in our Supper Club this week!

Thai Club 6

The evening kick-started with a brief introduction to our supervising chefs, and with chef instructors Jack, Damien and Cormac looking after our group, it’s safe to say that they were in good hands.

Thai Club 8
Cormac teaching students how to separate eggs

Under their guidance and good humour, the atmosphere was very relaxed as our students delved into Thai cuisine. If you love the fresh flavours of lemongrass, coriander and coconut then this club is perfect for you!

Thai Club

Family of Five at Thai Club
Our returning family of six

What really stood out on the night was how well everyone got on. Even though they came in various groups or indeed on their own, they took to the recipes and worked as teams.

One of the recipes that was made at our club was Tom Khaa Kai, a classic Thai soup that has a sweet, salty and sour taste and it went down a treat! (Take a look at our recipe here)

Thai Club 10

Sitting down to eat their freshly made meal

It really is a very sociable experience with fellow food lovers and we can’t wait for the next one.


If you’re interested in joining this wonderful, social experience, check out our upcoming dates on our website here.

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