A Hunger for More: Day Two of our Essential Winter Cookery Course

Up bright and early for a new day at Cooks Academy, our week-long students arrived with a spring in their step.

A jam-packed day, today they were tackling everything from salmon to soufflés.

Chef Nicola was on-hand to help guide them through the cooking session, and with Chef Damien by her side, they headed to the Asian Market on Drury Street to gather ingredients for their Green Curry Paste (completely from scratch, I might add).

With a bunch of fragrant ingredients in their hands, soon the room filled with the fresh scent of lemongrass and spices.

The results? Well… Doesn’t the curry look great??

Thai Green Curry 3
Thai Green Curry using homemade curry paste accompanied by fragrant rice.

A Thai Green Curry in their bellies and a hunger for more, our Essential Winter students kicked off their afternoon cooking with a chocolate soufflé which they happily scoffed down (definitely the perfect dessert for chocoholics!)

Chocolate Soufflé
A wonderful Chocolate Soufflé made by one of our students.

To top things off for the day, Chef Nicola rustled up a white soda bread and the students put together a quick and easy salmon tray bake with rosemary, potatoes and tomatoes.

Smelling white soda bread
Smelling freshly baked soda bread

Salmon Tray Bake 3

Phew – We’re guessing that our cooks will need a good night’s sleep tonight.

Bring on Day Three!

Think you’d like to spend a week at Cooks Academy? Check out the next dates for our Essential Courses on our website here.

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