Far more than just Essential! Day One of our Essential Winter Cookery Course

With the New Year up and running, today marked the beginning of our first Essential Winter Cookery Course of 2016.

With a busy day ahead of them, 12 students donned our red Cooks Academy Aprons and got to work on all sorts of treats.

Chefs Jack and Damien were at the helm today, and with their reassurance and careful guidance, they kicked off with basic knife skills.

“I think people should learn how to chop an onion in primary school!” mused Jack, “Knife skills are life skills”.

Quite impressively, there were hardly any tears as people sliced through the onions, and soon their trays were filled with carrots, leeks, onions and potatoes (many of which were cut into wonderful batons and precise juliennes).

Knife Skills 1
Sliced and diced

Onto the main dish of the day, and Jack went through how to make chicken Kievs from scratch! Not as complicated as one may think, the Kiev takes a fair amount of time but the result is top notch.

Jack deepfrying chicken
Jack deepfrying chicken
Chicken Kiev 1
C’est magnifique!

There’s something impressive about being able to make your own homemade chicken Kiev, and judging by how they got on today, it looks like it’s going to become a household favourite.


Tucking into their meal it wasn’t long before it was time to get stuck into it all again (it was pretty hard to believe that our students didn’t have some sort of former training!)

Raspberry Jam
Delightful Raspberry Jam

With a demo from Jack on how to make the best raspberry jam, it was onto the Swiss rolls and the final touches.

And oh what a finish! With a gentle roll and a careful nudge, the Swiss rolls were a sight to behold.

Swiss Roll 3
Swiss Roll with Raspberry Jam

We’re looking forward to seeing them all tomorrow when we tackle even more dishes!

If you’d like to book onto our Essential Winter Course, check out the next dates on our website here.

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