Delicate Designs and Sweet Treats on our Cupcakes and Icings Workshop

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner – the year has flown!

Here at Cooks Academy, we’ve been truly embracing the Christmas spirit, with yesterday’s Cupcakes and Icings workshop getting a festive twist.

The lovely Darina Kelly was back with us to look after our cupcake enthusiasts for the day, and with a few tricks up her sleeve, she showed them how to make delightful sweet treats.

Freshly baked cupcakes

From learning how to get a perfect rise and colour icing, to making great buttercream, soon the students were down at their benches and armed with their piping bags.

With patient hands and delicate precision, soon snowmen, Christmas trees and snowflakes began to appear. Don’t they look beautiful?

Christmas Cupcakes

Closeup of cupcake

Selection of Christmas Cupcakes

We admired their ability not to scoff them straightaway!

Well done to all of our students – we hope to see you back at Cooks Academy soon.

UnaSigFor more information on our Cupcakes and Icings workshop, click onto the Cooks Academy website here.

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