From tortellini to ravioli: mastering the art of pasta

As the students brushed the flour away from their aprons and fished pasta from the pot, you couldn’t help but notice the thrill in eyes.

Last night was all about creating beautiful bites of pasta delight, and under the expert eyes of Darina and Cormac, the students were in capable hands.

pasta dough
Beautiful pasta dough

With a large and enthusiastic group in front of them and pasta machines at the ready, they settled into a quick demo with Darina before being whisked onto the floor:

Darina teaching pasta student
Darina teaching a student how to make tortellini
Students cooking pasta
Students working on getting their dough prepared

Right before their eyes pasta began to unravel and tortellini began to appear:

Cormac with pasta student
Cormac and a student rolling out the dough

Students rolling pasta

Cooking pasta
Cooking pasta!


Taking home their very own pasta dough, it was great to see smiles all around.

Once you get into it, pasta making turns into one of the pleasurable experiences in the world. The idea that you can turn a simple dough into a light, fluffy, bite of delight is just simply: wonderful.

Want a see a bit more? Here’s a blast from the past!

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