Inside our Workshop: Sushi for Beginners

The mats were out and the ingredients were ready. Our sushi workshop was about to begin.

In recent years, sushi has seen a surge in popularity in Dublin, with people flocking to grab some of these delicious treats for their lunch and investing in sushi classes. In fact, our sushi workshop is one our most popular courses.

There’s something very cool about being able to make your nigiri sushi, nori rolls and sashimi, and to be able to show it off your friends is an added bonus (unless of course, you’re like a certain member of staff who can eat sushi by the bucket-load on their own!)

Sushi Setup
Some of our sushi ingredients

Tonight’s class was to be helmed by Chefs Nicola and Vinnie and with 25 eager sushi lovers joining them, it was going to be a busy evening!

Vinnie preparing tuna
Vinnie preparing tuna

To kick-start the evening, Vinnie lead the crowd with a demo, going through and explaining the ingredients like nori (the black seaweed wrappers used to make most wrapped sushi rolls) and rice wine vinegar and the signature green, spicy ingredient, wasabi.

Raw tuna for sushi
Beautiful cut of tuna for our students

Unlike rustling up something like a stew, making sushi is a more delicate process, with emphasis on the actual rice itself and the freshness of the ingredients.

“If you have sushi in your fridge for more than two days, there’s something wrong with your taste buds!” Vinnie mused.

Vinnie rolling sushi

With a careful cut here and a slice there, Vinnie demoed how to prepare the ingredients perfectly for our sushi enthusiasts and soon they were whisked down to their work benches!

Students rinsing sushi rice
Students rinsing sushi rice
Student rolling sushi roll
Student rolling sushi using a mat

Slowly but surely with looks of determination, sushi started to appear before their eyes.

Vinnie with sushi students
Vinnie with sushi students
Nicola slicing up sushi
Chef Nicola slicing up sushi for presentation
Student sushi creation
Sushi created by the students
Student sushi selection
Delicate sushi prepared in our workshop
Nicola arranging sushi
Nicola placing the sushi on its platter
Sushi on a slate
The results!
Closeup of sushi selection
Delicious sushi selection

Mmmm! Don’t they look great?

UnaSigIf you’re interested in rolling out a sushi mat and getting stuck into creating this great food, check out our Sushi Workshops on our website here. You can also read a review of our course on here.

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