Ready, Steady, COOK! Exciting Exam Day at Cooks Academy

There was an air of both excitement and anticipation in Cooks Academy this morning, as our 8-Week Professional Certificate students got ready to face their final exams and their last day in the kitchen.

Milling around their workstations, the nerves began to settle as Chefs Nicola and Jack reassured them that all would be ok.

As the clock struck 9.30am, the reality became clear: it was time to give it their all!

Watching the students work, it was evident that they had grown as cooks and people. They sliced, diced, cut, fried, grilled, baked everything with ease and with calm and collected heads.

Time ticked on and slowly but surely, the students began to present their dishes in front of Nicola and Jack. It’s fair to say that there were a lot of “mmmmmmm” noises to be heard!

Nicola and Jack tasting

Here are some our their great exam dishes:

Maria's Sourdough Bread
Maria’s Sourdough Bread
Pan-fried Wild Partridge Breasts with Mouli-mashed potatoes sauté baby root veg and demi-glazr
Kim’s quail with potatoes and vegetables with a demi-glaze
Beef cheek stew with a potato fondant and glutenfree flatbread
Louis’ beef cheek stew
Fionn’s Noodle Salad
Panko quail lollipop
Russell’s panko-crusted quail
Venison ragú with homemade pappardelle and Gruyère
Tercyus’ Venison ragú with homemade pappardelle and Gruyère
Mezze platter
Husain’s Mezze Platter

Before long, it was all over and the students were awarded with their well-deserved certificates.


From working at Larousse to exciting restaurant stages and setting up businesses, our students have high ambitions ahead of themselves.

What a privilege to get to work with such talented people and we’re delighted to have them be part of the Cooks Academy family.

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