All hands on deck for a Seasonal October Feast

There was a real buzz in the Cooks Academy today, as we had two groups of students in with us, the Professional Cookery Certificates and the Essential Winter Course. You can imagine how busy it was!

Between the clanking of pots, chattering students and the low hums of ovens, the energy across both kitchens was palpable.

Our Essential Winter course started yesterday and is aimed to suit everyone from a total beginner to a cook with experience. A week long, it’s hard to believe that our budding cooks only began cooking when they’re already whizzing about the kitchen with gusto!

With an extensive menu on the go, including chicken Kievs from scratch, a Thai green curry, red onion marmalade and glorious chocolate soufflés, our cooks were kept on their toes.

Thai green curry

Chicken kievs with parsley

In the background, Chef Jack and his Professional Cert. team were busily prepping a roast feast that would rival any festive dinner (we won’t mention the big “C” word yet!).

We don’t want to make you feel too hungry but Jack’s menu today featured; polenta and smoked paprika-coated roast potatoes, cooked in duck fat; braised red cabbage; a “soup-er” (Jack’s pun) pumpkin soup cooked in a pumpkin; salmon and crab terrine and baked sage stuffing wrapped with streaky bacon. And of course, a fabulous roast turkey and succulent ham!

Student preparing squash

Ham resting

Braised Cabbage

Students enjoying feast


If you’re interested in upping your culinary skills, or just want a bit more experience to dazzle your friends, see our Essential Winter Course here or our Professional Certificate Course here.

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