Grilling, roasting, smoking and baking – a barbecue for all seasons!

Venison haunch on the grill You may think that in order to have the perfect barbecue, you need the perfect weather, but that’s simply not the case!

This week our lucky Professional Cookery Certificate students got the opportunity to cook with wild venison on the barbecue, under the watchful eye of Chef Jack.

Working with a sustainably sourced and ethically killed one-year-old stag, Chef Jack got stuck in preparing the lovely, lean meat that students would get to their dig their teeth into.

Ireland’s game season runs from Sept. 1st to Dec. 31st for male deer and Nov. 1st – Feb. 29th for female and antlerless deer. This particular sika deer was from the wild Wicklow wilderness!

Setting up our Weber barbecue grill to heat with cherry wood chips, our very own Tim went through the basics of hot and cold smoking, as well as the vast potential that the BBQ has to offer – Did you know that you could create smoked soup, risotto, bread and even cakes on it with ease?

Soon the scent of cherry wafted out of the grill and we were ready to place the freshly-prepared venison haunch on top to let the smoky flavours soak through the meat.

After just three hours of roasting to perfection, the haunch was ready. Sliced up to serve, Chef Jack’s advice was to plate it with curly kale, honey-caramelised parsnips and a gin sauce. Sounds absolutely luxurious.

Below, and also on the menu: Pan-fried venison burgers topped with melting Corleggy cheese and triple-cooked chips, along with cucumber pickle on the side – how could you resist?

Venison burgers

Have you ever cooked anything unusual on the barbecue? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


We’ll be giving you glimpses into all of our courses each week. For those interested in learning more about barbecuing and what great treats you could cook up on the grill, why not take a look at our Weber Winter Warmer course as part of our Grill Academy?


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