A Masterclass in Desserts from the “Princess of Pastry”

A few weeks ago I did a post about a day of chocolate tempering which deviated slightly from the norm in that it was less of me flapping my gums and hopefully, more of you drooling over some nice photos. This is going to be a similar kind of post.

Last week we did a two day Masterclass in Desserts from the “Princess of Pastry” herself and one of our main tutors, Natasha.

We spent the majority of the first day planning the dishes we would put together and organising all of the components.

 These were definitely some of the most complicated and intricate techniques we have attempted in the course. We made gels, caramel, two different types of meringue, poached fruits, chocolate soils and all manner of other plate adorning eccentricities.

The second day was for bringing everything together. Setting out our chocolate tart, our gluten free cake, a silk torte, cookies, brownies and designing the plating around them.

We got an incredible amount of things made in only two days, the most intriguing for me has got to be the Popcorn Pastry Cream, something I will definitely be trying again.

          Have a browse through the photos here and let me know what you think:

~ Mark O’Brien

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